Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool's Jokes: Liberals Yearning for Daddy

An interesting April Fool's joke was circulated among Liberals yesterday. Essentially it pointed to a poll suggesting that an overwhelming number of Canadians would welcome Jean Chretien as Prime Minister, and whose return was imminent and made possible by the completion of over 700 pages of memoirs. Chretien simply awaited the call.
Then of course, there's a more interesting question as to why this joke among the endless possibilities. At least one school of thought believes jokes to have a profound connection to unconscious aggression and wish fulfillment. After all, it wasn't the Conservatives spreading this, it was the Liberals. Could Liberal insecurity be more palpable at this moment? Not only are they unsure and deeply divided about their current leader but also they lust for the return their most crooked and fatherly of leaders. Significantly, they chose Chretien not Trudeau as their uberfather (I mean why not create some rumour around Justin and create hope for the future through the Trudeau lineage). No, they lasciviously want no nonsense, unscrupulous, phallic Chretien. I'm sensing serious "leader / papa envy" in the Liberals. Who's your papi?

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