Friday, April 20, 2007

More signs the Ontario Liberals are in Trouble

Seems the Liberals can no longer take the immigrant and ethnic vote for granted. It used to be an inertia vote but now Liberals opt to buy those votes rather than earn them. A clear sign the Liberals no longer have hegemonic status in the immigrant communities. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now we know where the funds from the federal government are being diverted and why the Liberals can't end things like the child benefit clawback for another four years. The Liberals need to be re-elected on empty promises first. We must keep on trusting them and giving them more time. Don't forget Smitherman's words to live by "making doctors is not like making pizzas".

By the way, anyone catch Fonseca in the Leg yesterday reprimanding the Conservatives for pushing Nuclear energy on the province. Is he so irrelevant and oblivious that he doesn't realize that foisting a $40 billion (more like $80 by the time it's built) nuclear megaplant (without reasonable consultation and circumventing any environmental assessment) was McGuinty's idea?????

P.S. Wondering why Cherniak censored my comment yesterday on his blog where he was gloating over the Dion-May non-partisan deal having already paid off in St. Catharines. Incidentally this the same post where he finally admits the deal was motivated by calculated partisanship and where he very prematurely welcomes back Walt Lastewka, victor in the next election. To that end I simply asked if he intended on extending such a welcoming gesture to Lastewka's Liberal neighbour James Curran, president of the Niagara Falls Federal Liberal Riding Association and widely expected to receive the Liberal nomination. Seems Mr. Curran has bowed out to spend more time with his family. Oh, and he also was arrested on two counts of fraud- on which he fully expects to be vindicated, as do I. In the meantime, the Liberals are looking for a candidate for Niagara Falls- I thought Cherniak might want to post that.

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