Friday, July 13, 2007

Warren Kinsella Flails and Misses

Is there anything more pathetic than a goon long past his prime flailing away hoping miraculously to land one last punch? I mean some Libloggers (no not you Cherniak) are delivering better jabs than this once for hire hitman of politics. I'd turn away but like a train wreck, this disaster transfixes me.

Warren Kinsella reduced to this. To this!

Not only desperate and ineffectual, but so juvenile this "hee hee guys, check out the funny photo of Tory with hand growing out of his head, almost as funny as this little animation sent to me by some liberal half-wit hack." Perhaps Warren could have actually addressed the content of the article which incidentally deals with one of the most pressing budgetary issue facing cities in Ontario, most notably in Toronto? Ontario Liberals promised to upload some of the download, but unfortunately McGuinty only keeps on downloading. Mandating cities to deal with social services without helping them pay for them is potentially illegal and at the very least reprehensible.

Then yesterday, the best Kinsella has with which to swipe at CUPE is a link to Michael Coren. I've always thought Kinsella and Coren to be contradictions of each other. You know Warren "I'm so cool I've trademarked "Cool Factor" Kinsella. I know, I know, by definition you can't be cool if you call yourself cool but still this is the punk loving, road tripper, libertine Kinsella who regales his supporters with banal vulgarity and profanity. Then you have Michael “I hate baby killing pro-choicers, Muslims, and homosexuals” Coren. I mean Coren epitomizes that stilted, hypocritical conservatism that punk attempted to shatter and question.

I understand they both share legendary arrogance and narcissism, middling intelligence, and a love of malicious slandering of their opponents but surely Kinsella and Coren remain incongruous. For example, I wonder if Kinsella in his zeal to malign CUPE shares Coren’s sentiment that “Israel reluctantly built a fence, not a wall, to protect its children from crazed religious fanatics who lust for innocent blood.” You call that a “fence”! To me a fence is what one puts up in one’s backyard for privacy when entertaining or sunbathing.

Am I imputing too much to this? I think it's pretty clear that defence isn't Warren Kinsella's metier but has he also lost his punch? I can only hope his war room tactics continue to help win more seats for the Ontario NDP.

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