Sunday, September 02, 2007

Piggying on the back of Iggy: Love the Loon

Now that the Ontario Liberals have spent untold public dollars on redesigning the Ontario trillium logo on letterhead, stationery, vehicle decals, ministry signs etc, they can turn their attention to another logo.

Can it be long before Dalton emerges from the Gatineau Hills proclaiming his reverence and admiration for a bird that very much embodies Liberal values? This guy seems like a good candidate. 

The feet of the loon are recessed far back in its body making it an excellent swimmer, but not very adaptable on land. Liberals similarly are well suited to navigating in the fluidity and potentiality known as "promises". Moreover, their unique ability to speak simultaneously out of both sides of their mouth makes it easier to promise something to everyone. However, this does tend to make Liberals ill-adapted to carrying out those promises or taking firm principled stands. They are very good at electioneering, not so good at governing.

Loon chicks are precocial (able to swim on their own at birth) but they are often seen riding on the backs of the parents to conserve energy and for greater protection.  Liberals too believe that newly arrived Canadians and immigration groups are precocial but often for good measure friends of Liberals can be seen riding on their backs with the help of  a tool called "a slush fund". It is believed that Loon parents also expect their chicks to vote for them at election time.

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