Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peggy Nash must be doing something right...

Of course she is. Her constituents in Parkdale-High Park well know this.  Her reputation in the House of Commons also speaks for itself.  But the most encouraging sign is that Warren Kinsella has decided to take a swipe at Peggy Nash.  I suspect this arrogant dismissal is only the beginning.  Perhaps to be followed up with a photoshopped photo of Peggy Nash with a thought bubble implying something to the effect that politics is man's work and that Ms Nash, or whatever her name is, would feel far more in her element were she to be baking cookies in her kitchen. Oh wait,  Kinsella's tried that one before. Didn't work so well.

Fact is, Gerard "there's no shame in a rich private school boy not finishing his BA" Kennedy is not himself underestimating Peggy Nash. And for good reason; he is in for the political fight of his life. A lot of the Kennedy sheen has worn off since he abandoned PHP.  Many don't remember or know who Gerard Kennedy is, and for those who do remember Kennedy, it might not necessarily work to his benefit.  Educators and parents of children in the riding's schools are not too thrilled with Kennedy's return. Kennedy's advocacy for the poor and marginalized is as disingenuous as Sylvia Watson's was. And we saw how well that worked against Cheri DiNovo. Peggy Nash is becoming more entrenched in this riding with each passing day. She and DiNovo are indeed a formidable team.

For Kinsella to not even dignify the incumbent by mentioning her by name is crass and arrogant. Yet this is precisely the most heartening sign for Peggy Nash supporters. For as recent history has shown those who've been the target of Kinsella's smears have fared quite well at the ballot box. I'm thinking here of Cheri DiNovo, Lisa Macleod, and even Randy Hillier. All elected, the first two resoundingly so.

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CheeMiss said...

It is so sad to that nasty cheap shots have to be made.
I always felt that those slinging them, where actually showing their true characters, and that they would not be the one I would vote for.
It's one thing, a good thing, to bring to light the failings of the opponent, but it's another to engage in personal attacks.

I am very PROUD of Peggy Nash. She is way to smart to be stuck in a kitchen baking cookies. And that is probably why Warren Kinsella is so threatened by her.

Come to think of it. When we were in grade school and a boy was picking on a girl, the grown ups use to say, that's bcos he likes her. wink, wink. lololol

Don't worry Peggy, since you knocked on my door last week, I have been beaming. Elated to know that you are back in the race.

Just to let you know, when I mentioned your visit, to some of our Roncesvalles shopkeepers, everyone beamed as well, with "She's back? I really like Peggy Nash, she's so goooood, I hope she wins".

Yes Peggy, be proud to know, just the mention of your name brings smiles to lots of faces and a sparkle of hope in their eyes. So don't let any cheap shots from wannabes derail you.
Your a 1st class person, a Lady with business style, and smart to boot!

Right is right, and wrong just ain't right.
There's no hidden agenda with you!