Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Harper Dictatorship

Gratefully, despite our best attempts to defile it (e.g. trying to make it compatible with capitalism) DEMOCRACY will prevail.  Despite our best efforts to forestall it, there is an Enlightenment to come, one marked by incessant interrogation, by justice. There is a democracy to come, one carried in a promise from the future, not the past, that shapes the present moment. And while I can but hope that the coalition is a whisper of that promise, I know Stephen Harper is the denial of that prayer from the future.

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MacD said...

Pretty bad. To recap, the Nazi party took over Germany via a violent rigged election, then banned all rival political parties. They systematically shut down all voices of opposition, killing journalists, creating Nazi churches, and exiling academics. While gearing up for a war of conquest, they introduced eugenics into their school system, took all rights away from Jews, and brutalized other non-Germans. For dessert they launched a six-year war that killed millions of people, enslaved millions more, and systematically exterminated entire ethnic groups before retreating to a bunker and demanding their citizens commit mass suicide.