Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Star endorses Andrea Horwath for leader of ONDP

Seems to me this could be Horwath's kiss of death! Remember The Star endorsed Stephane Dion in the last federal election. Stephane who? Exactly!


Chrystal Ocean said...

I rue the day when newspapers were about news, not opinion, not political endorsements.

janfromthebruce said...

The kiss of death and spelling her name wrong. Support her because she is a "her" and because of her "geographic location." And because she is 45 and perhaps she will "grow into the job".
Only the liberal Torstar could give 3 lame reasons that would ensure the demise of the ONDP.

You know Spurs one of the "myths" floating in Ontario is that in the last election it was the MSMs fault that the whole election centered around "religious school funding." In fact, the McGuinty liberal's strategy was to "ensure" that was what the election was about so they would not have to talk about their record.

Also could you clarify something for me if you know - was Horvath the co-chair of the ONDP last election campaign - get orange? If so, the last person on my pick will be Horvath and her cohort.