Saturday, May 09, 2009

Issue# 2- Hearts & Minds: A Newsletter by Members of Parkdale High Park NDP

This publication is entirely edited, laid out, and posted by volunteers. It is nothing short of superb. If you didn't catch the inaugural issue, it can also be found below. From start to finish these are top notch publications from local and high profile authors. Visit the Parkdale High Park Riding Association website for more information or to subscribe for this excellent newsletter.

Hearts & Minds_Issue #2


janfromthebruce said...

That's excellent Derrada

Derrida said...

Thanks Jan, And I whole heartedly agree. Although I can't take any credit; I'm just a messenger. Joan MacNeil, I believe, deserves a tonne of credit for conceiving of the idea and her editorial work on the newsletter. It is also indicative of a healthy riding association with very talented and determined executive as well as riding members.

Help spread the word, help the newsletter grow. Offer suggestions or submit ideas or articles etc.