Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ontario Liberals in Free Fall: Add Wild Hyperbole to their Campaign to Woo "Progressives"

As part of the Ontario Liberals' suicide pact, I mean campaign to woo progressive voters we get this nasty example of hyperbole in the hopes of redirecting the coming election away from pocketbook issues towards "progressive" issues. Gritchik opens yesterday's blog posting with this doozie.
"Since Dammit Janet! helped vault Hudak’s position on abortion into the internet stratosphere"
Just a tad overstated, no? I mean, Oslo bombing, US debt ceiling, Amy Winehouse's death, and, of course, Hudak predictable stance on abortion? Or perhaps just desperately wishful thinking. Polling must be showing an even bleaker picture than already portrayed. Liberals now seem in a desperate fight to hold onto second place. Trending and recent history of the May election are certainly not on their side.

I've been canvassing in probably Ontario's most progressive riding and not one person has brought up women's reproductive rights at the door. Nor has one person mentioned Hudak's stance on abortion. But I hope they do, since in the Liberals there is a caucus divided on the issue and in the NDP there is a caucus united around the issue.

What I don't understand is why the Liberals think they are well positioned to capitalize on "progressive" issues. It clearly appears that to The NDP, as we saw in Canada's most progressive province (i.e. Quebec), is overwhelmingly where progressives are turning.

Finally Canadians realize that 1) Liberals are not Progressive and 2) It is possible to get out from under the tweeddle dee/  tweeddle dum, one party faux democracy under which we've been held hostage for so long.

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janfromthebruce said...

good post. Yes, their not progressive MPPs need to be outed, and their candidates need to be asked their stance on abortion.