Monday, August 01, 2011

Heather Mallick ignores Andrea Horwath as the only party leader who rightly champions women's rights, or sorry sister it's hard out here for a Liberal shill like me

According to Heather Mallick in Today's The Star:
But what he and Hudak and Harper should understand is that abortion is not a “chip” on a woman’s shoulder, it is her body and her life, her internal sanctity and her choice.
I am warning those who want Canadian women to lose their right to abortion that this will not be a skirmish. It lives in the hearts of girls and women. We will fight you on this.
Sweeet! We're going "progressive" with this election. Only two questions Ms Mallick.

1. Why snub a sister like Andrea Horwath? She after all is one of those in whose heart lies the fight to preserve a woman's right to choose. Secondly, she's leader of the only unified, positive, and progressive political party out there.

2. Why would a feminist shill for an avowed Roman Catholic man? There are few symbols that conjure up more starkly the history of exclusion and systemic violence against women than the RC Church and powerful male politicians (i.e the State).

Lastly, a question for "progressives". Is it possible that the latent, less obvious forms of sexism that well up occasionally from Liberals actually represents a more refined, opportunistic, and insidious form of discrimination -even if Liberals are more likely to "apologize" for their cock-ups???  Remember this???

Trivial or insidious sexism???


Skinny Dipper said...

It took awhile, but I was able to post a comment stating that voters have an alternative with the Ontario NDP.

Toe said...

You haven't had your ear to the ground,. I won't support her, for 'specfic reasons'. The provincial ndp simply will not, won't, challenge big crowns.

Derrida (sous rature) said...

Since I don't know who you are, I have no idea what specific reasons you have for not supporting a positive, reasonable, progressive and just vision for Ontario. Seems to me you're mired in the blue tent red tent duality that has held our democracy hostage for far too long. For as we know, it has really only ever been one tent, one unabashedly pro capitalist pro big business tent, fostering greater and greater disparity of wealth, power, and dignity.

The only real alternative to this is the NDP. As we saw in May, Canadians have awakened to the fact the the Liberal Party is utterly redundant in the 21st century. Progressives now know this and as soon as populists (thankfully Rob Ford's miserable performance is helping in that regard) also realize that their best interest is served by social democrats, the NDP will form more governments.