Thursday, August 09, 2007

All is forgiven...

Looks like Derek Raymaker wasn't ex-communicated from Warren Kinsella's blogroll after all: just in limbo for a while. After one week's penance, BornwithaTail has found his way back onto Kinsella's blogroll (but not before some serious revision of the blog, which included deleting entries and stripping it of flagrantly sexist language). Good on him.

Rather than recirculating juvenile and inane videos (we could go to Cherniak for that), perhaps Warren could wade into the debate on the coming referendum on electoral reform. Inquiring minds want to know what Warren thinks about the process, about McGuinty's imposition of a "supermajority" condition, and ultimately what he thinks about MMP as an improvement on FPTP...

Didn't last long. Born with a Tail was removed again from Kinsella's blogroll within a few hours. Not a nice thing to do to your band mate, business partner and friend. I'm sure it's not personal, it's just the way damage control goes.

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