Tuesday, August 07, 2007

FPTP is Whack Yo!

I think we could all use a refresher course on why FPTP is failing miserably in providing the right of representation which belongs to each of us. Below is an excellent piece entitled "This is Democracy?" from Fair Vote Canada. In brief, under FPTP, millions of votes are wasted, votes are not equal, election results are distorted often creating artificial majorities, and FPTP is associated with lower voter turnout as compared with countries using fair voting systems. (Click on thumbnails for full page)

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Blogging Horse said...

Good post.

FPTP is the system of choice for people who like their politics dirty and their tax dollars abused.

Sponsorship, Colle-gate, etc are less likely to happen in an MMP system where the party in power doesn't have the numbers to keep themsleves in power alone.

The end of "winner takes all" elections will mean more ethical government. Knowing that your tax dollars are precisely where you left them is worth voting MMP for.