Friday, September 26, 2008

Cherniak fall down and go BOOM!

Not content to help elect rival candidates one at at a time through his sleazy attacks, his inane arguments, and his complete lack of scrupples, Cherniak seems to have stepped up his game and joined the chorus to eliminate the LPC altogether.

Note to Cherniak: You did such a wonderful job electing NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo in my riding of Parkdale High Park, I was wondering if would mind attacking Peggy Nash and consolidate her position as the favored candidate in the riding?

When last we saw Cherniak, he was like a dog with a bone, trying desperately to unravel some "Truther" lead that would result in damage to the NDP. Problem is Cherniak's puerile and desperate pranks have exploded in his face, possibly leading to the resignation/ firing  of one of his own candidates. As Dr. Dawg notes, I suspect Cherniak will now come out and denounce the Liberal candidate, Leslie Hughes, especially given that her words had such an anti-Semitic hue.

Cherniak was hoping to break a story that would gain traction. Well he has, here, here. Even the MSM has picked up the Cherniak's "story", except the report is that Liberals are running a "truther", here.

Cherniak has been in the wrong party all along. Rest assured, he'll be able to ply his "talents" for the CPC soon enough. This video thanks to Sean in Saskatchewan  sums up pretty well what was reprehensible about his attacks.  Cherniak is part of the evolution of negative campaigning. First it was reluctant, strategic use of negative attacks, then it was the unabashed not always strategic use of negative attacks. Now it's throw as much shit as you can and pray it sticks.

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