Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pundits beginning to predict a Kennedy loss in Parkdale High Park

(image courtesy of janfromthebruce)

I usually agree with Christina Blizzard, who always calls them as she sees them
Political recycling bin
No reducing, lots of reusing as many past politicians use name recognition en route to ballot box


Checking out some federal lawn signs these days, you could be forgiven for thinking you were caught in a time warp.

The political space and time continuum seems to have become bizarrely bent out of shape. A former premier, a former NDP cabinet minister, one of McGuinty's former cabinet ministers, a clutch of Mike Harris-era former provincial Tory cabinet ministers and the odd backbencher all have their names on the hustings.

They're '90s names in an '08 world.

It's like reduce, reuse and recycle for politicians....

A lot of Liberal insiders are wishing it were Rae taking on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, New Democratic honcho Jack Layton and Green Leader Elizabeth May in the TV debate.

Rae is a formidable debater, with experience in televised debating. And his French is better than Dion's English.

Rae is set for an easy win -- especially since the Tory candidate running against him, Chris Reid, was forced to quit over some oddball blog entries.

Which brings us to former McGuinty education minister Gerard Kennedy. He's in tough in Parkdale-High Park against NDP power chick Peggy Nash. Provincially the riding is held by another popular New Democrat woman, Cheri DiNovo. Between DiNovo and Nash, they have the riding all sewn up.

If Kennedy loses, it will be poetic justice. He was the guy who foisted Dion on an unsuspecting party by throwing his support behind him in the leadership convention.


Most pundits predict it will be adieu, Gerard. And the end of his political career. Any openings at the food bank, I wonder?


janfromthebruce said...

Tried to upload a picture that was so fitting but alas couldn't anchor it (

The cat came back, but the mouse took the cheese - oh so sweet.

Jaime said...

Hello I came across this blog by searching "Dion's Leadership" on Google Blog Search. I'm glad to see rationale discourse for once. I agree with Christina. Gerard Kennedy has a tough uphill battle to win his riding. The DiNovo - Nash combination may be too much for him. While I like Mr Kennedy personally, I think he lacks political experience as demonstrated by his support of Mr Dion which has now sank the party to one of its lowest lows. In today's media crazy world, no party can succeed without a leader that comes across well in the media. Next time the Liberals choose a leader (which I suppose will be quite soon) they should consider not only a qualified individual (Mr. Dion is rather qualified), but also someone who comes across as a confident, articulate, intelligent, experienced (and hopefully somewhat charismatic) peson in all media (online and offline).