Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Cherniak a global warming denier who concedes he's the dumbest blogger in Canada and believes the Liberal Party is in ruins?

Yesterday, Cherniak posted a comment by a nutter named Jay Currie. Currie is a global warming denier who fears we're possibly on the cusp of a new Ice Age.
I suspect that, as the planet cools and the science underpinning “global warming/climate change” unravels there will be a rush to the exits on the part of politicians who are discovering that climate hysteria was a mile wide and half an inch deep.
Now, not even M. Dion’s supporters really have a clue what he is prattling on about with his Green Shift and, if he has any wit, he will quietly shelve the program and run on some issue people actually care about.
Currie espouses the view that Canada only needs two political parties (a right & left)  and believes the Liberal Party has reached the end of its shelf life, proving thereby that he's not completely nuts.
Cynics have suggested that this election is about financially bankrupting the Liberal Party. I would not be at all surprised if they are right. It is time for the Liberal Party to end. It is time for Canada to have a left party and a right one. The Liberal Party is simply in the way.
The Liberals climbed on board the dying Green/Kyoto trope and, finally, have found the issue which could finish them. They will make assorted noises about national unity and assorted women’s issues and just how very scary Harper and the CPC are; but I suspect those noises will be their death rattle.
Oh one final thing. Currie seems to think that Cherniak is Canada's dumbest blogger:
Canada’s dumbest Liberal, Jason Cherniak, desperate to wedge his nose just a little further up M. Dion’s derriere has just accused the Lying Jackal [nutter talk meaning Warren Kinsella] of criticizing M. Dion’s brilliant (won’t raise the price of gas a penny, no, really) carbon tax because the Lying Jackal lies on behalf of energy companies who are Daisy’s clients.

I think Cherniak should explain himself. Discerning bloggers want to know. Does Cherniak believe the Liberal apocalypse is around the corner? Does he still think the Green Shift is good policy? Or is all the hot air he's been spewing  his attempt to fend off the Ice Age that's about to befall humanity? Does he really think he's the dumbest blogger in Canada? We know Kinsella schooled Cherniak, but how's his nose?

What's that you say? Guilt by association and disingenuousness only counts when done by a petty, little Liberal hack. So sorry. My bad.

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