Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holy Sh*t: Cherniak's Blown a Gasket

Last time I saw this kind of desperation out of dweeb hack extraordinaire, Jason Cherniak, he was inadvertently helping elect MPP Cheri DiNovo in Parkdale High Park.  So it bodes well for the NDP. 

This is sheer calumny. The disingenuousness and plain ignorance needed to concoct this kind of frenzied attack on Jack Layton is astounding. It's not as if Cherniak's above this kind of ridiculous scurrilousness. Read more here, here, here, here. Yesterday, when Cherniak  took Jack Layton's bait and helped diffuse his own party's announcement, he simply came across as the buffoon that he normally is. But this is the amped up Cherniak that only comes out when he's truly desperate and afraid he's going to lose. This is the point at which if he were a child, he would either wreck the game or take the ball and run home crying (mind you I've seen Cherniak and something tells me he wasn't much of an athlete growing up). Actually I suspect it was a childhood fraught with overindulgence at home, compensating for a total lack of respect and popularity, that has forged the character of the resilient, intransigent, overconfident and often oblivious little man known as Jason Cherniak.

I find it incredulous that Cherniak, who spends so much time attacking Harper, has no problem engaging in Republican antics. His attack is pure innuendo and  mudslingling. It is a hail Mary pass cast out of sheer hopelessness.  It is akin to "Obama, that's a funny sounding name, must make you a non-Christian, terrorist sympathizing America hating Islamicist".  Note that for Cherniak any questioning of the 9/11 events, is conspiratorial and can take only two forms: the towers were deliberately imploded or the attack was a part of a larger Jewish conspiracy. Whatever 9/11 is, it's clear that it's neither of these two conspiracies, but neither is it reducible to the "official story".  9/11 was an attack, a trauma, a pretext for an imperial war on Iraq, an opportunity for legislate an on attack personal freedoms, the moment the neocons had desperately awaited etc., etc. Apparently, Jack Layton also knows Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, those radical anarchists threatening the very security and foundation of the West. Oops maybe I've already said too much. However, a discussion on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), now that might be interesting!

Anyways to continue would only serve to dignify Cherniak's moronic attempt to raise the specter of anti-Semitism, or the Red Scare, or any other bogeyman that might stick. Perhaps a more topical post could be a real discussion on Afghanistan? I guess when facts and reason don't work in Cherniak's favour (certainly couldn't make the costing of the Liberal platform work), he resorts to this. Keep digging Cherniak, you can always hit a new bottom.

For criticism of Cherniak's desperate smear see here, here, and here.

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