Friday, April 22, 2011

Hard to believe Kinsella once had a high school crush on Ignatieff, or progressives just let the Liberals implode

Clearly there are still old deep fault lines in the LPC ranks, and the Big Red tent of brokerage ideological politics of "pragmatically" offering to be everything to everyone is being evacuated from both the left and right doors. And not too surprising. The LPC, with Ignatieff at the helm has moved so far to the right as to make itself a redundant choice within the Canadian political landscape. On the other side, small "l" liberals, lefty liberals, progressives are finally waking up to the fact that the LPC only campaigns from the Left (it is not of the Left) and there is a viable alternative: the NDP, a party which is actually progressive.

The LPC is redundant to as it moves to its the right and an impostor as it moves to its Left.  To paraphrase Michael Ignatieff: "There is a side Left door and there is a side Right door. Liberals choose your exit, but no one enters."

Warren Kinsella is not too happy but also only too willing to rub it in Ignatieff's face. From his blog today:

"I was tossed on the political barbecue pit by Michael Ignatieff and his Super-Smart Senior Staff (4S, for short) for having the temerity to suggest, out loud, that Messrs. Chretien, Broadbent and Romanow were right.“I have no relationship with Warren Kinsella,” sniffed [Ignatieff] the fellow for whom I’d busted my hump for a couple years, and that was that. 
My sin? Agreeing with, you know, the most successful Liberal leader in history: suggesting that those of us who opposed Conservatives clearly needed to get together if we were ever to defeat Conservatives.  And, more broadly, that Canada – like other democracies around the world – seemed to be heading towards a binary political universe, whether the political classes approved or not.
What now? Well, that’s a really good question.  If the NDP make history, and carry their current popularity past the weekend and into next week, they could very well form the Official Opposition.  The instant that happens, as I told this PostMedia reporter yesterday in a long chat, the aforementioned Ignatieff and 4S are gone.  They’ll all have to resign on election night if they are to escape the enraged, pitchfork-wielding grassroots Grits. Even in 1984′s rout we held onto Opposition status.  With that gone – and the staff, and budget and influence that brings – it will be a long, hard slog back."


kirbycairo said...

Well, I don't think the NDP will make that kind of break through, though I would like to see it. But either way it is ironic that leftist (within and without the LPC) have been warning of the disaster that Ignatieff would be for the Liberal party. If the Liberal Party has any hope of rebuilding they need some time in the wilderness so they can do some serious soul-searching and find out what they really stand for. And if by some strange occurrence the NDP really did break through and become the official opposition, the landscape in Canada would dramatically change and it could be the end of the LPC.

janfromthebruce said...

A political party/movement can't be all things to all people.

One can't say oh we wholly support public healthcare but openly muse of private for profit user fees, for instance.

One can't suggest they are for human rights and peace and yet be seen as an enabler for torture and the Bush military industrial complex (cough oil). And that photo of him jumping across the floor and shaking Harper's hand for more war in Afghanistan was priceless!

Running again on national childcare when Libs first promised it in 1993, and after 2 majority govts, surpluses, etc. etc.

So Iggy as a lib running on the left was just unbelievable and thus it showed him as shallow and not be trusted.