Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Conservative Shot Across the Bow? Sexual Orientation is a "Choice" and does not Deserve Protection under the Canadian Human Rights Act (Updated)

I know this story is a few days old but worth revisiting. Check out some of the choice comments.
The BC Conservative’s leader-designate John Cummins has made headlines for suggesting that sexual orientation is a choice that does not require specific protection under the Canadian Human Rights Act.
For CBC coverage, including video, see here.


I don't know who called John Cummins this weekend but the back pedalling was swift and decisive, even if disingenuous.  Anyway, his muzzle is back on, and sadly that doesn't bode as well for the BC NDP as it would have had he continued to help split the right of centre vote in BC.

Still, talk about mental gymnastics. First, he uses "choice" as the grounds on which to remove discriminatory protection related to sexual orientation. Now "choice" means one's ability to live one's life in the way they he/she wants. He makes no sense and his apology is completely insincere.

Wow! He must have received some heat over this.


janfromthebruce said...

"So, basically, he's saying that while he is attracted to both sexes, he has chosen to be straight.

I don't think orientation is a choice because I am only attracted to the opposite gender."

it was my fav - because he was suggesting that everything was a choice!

Derrida (sous rature) said...

He also says "I'm pro-life, I'm pro-traditional marriage, that's my view, I'm not a scientist,” which is Conservative shorthand for I'm an idiot but I'll exercise my right to spew bigotry and hatred regardless.

Of course, his reasoning is fundamentally flawed, but that never stops these fundamentalist chauvinists. Even if sexual orientation were a conscious choice, which I don't believe it is, how could he fail to notice that numerous other things protected in the act are also lifestyle choices. Does one not choose one's religion. Does one not choose whether to marry or not? One's family status? etc.

Of course also, he's not speaking to intelligent Canadians, he's speaking to his Conservative right wing Christian base, many of whom very sadly agree fully with him (homosexuality is a choice, and we should abolish the Canadian Human Rights Act because everyone is "equal")

CK said...

Why is this a surprise to anyone? Jim Cummins, after all, is a relic from the days of Preston Manning's REform Party. A motley band of folks who all believed that sexual orientation is a choice, that Gawd created Adam and Eve, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Mark Francis said...

I don't consider sexual orientation a choice, but...

Religion is a choice yet it's protected.

janfromthebruce said...

Oh Mark, that would be too complex for the rapture folks. Anyway, in looking at the comment section it would appear that there was an overwhelming support the "no head in the sand side."